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Video about gps tracking of sex offenders:

Sex offender reveals why child molesters cut their GPS bracelets

Gps tracking of sex offenders

However, those in other areas of law enforcement should be warned that GSP tracking is not a cure-all, there are limits to what it can do, and traditional police monitoring will still be required to keep offenders in check. Limitations Clever as they are, GPS tracking solutions are not a panacea for policing sex offenders. Parole officers had no way to see every move of convicted criminals. If the bracelet is separated from the device, or if the offender tries to remove it from their ankle, an alert is sent to his parole officer. He can be reached at jcareless yahoo. In addition to at least one visit with the offender at his or her home each month, parole officers typically log into a computer several times a day to take a look at movements of the 20 to 30 offenders they each supervise.

Gps tracking of sex offenders

Before GPS, it was more difficult to know if an offender had been somewhere he is not allowed to be. The offender can be charged with violating parole and can be sent back to prison. He will be wearing his monitoring device for two more years, he said. For that, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and paroled after six; a year later he confessed to "grooming" two little girls for sex, his parole was revoked, and he was committed for five years. In this way, your department can implement GPS tracking realistically, reaping its benefits while not asking more than it is designed for and capable of. The device recieves a signal from GPS satellites and then sends that information via a cell phone communications network to a computer program that collects the data. He said he considers his offense a youthful mistake and that he never wants to go back to prison or jail. The offender also has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet that helps to prevent the parolee from leaving the device at home. James Careless is a freelance writer who specializes in first responder issues. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sept. Limitations Clever as they are, GPS tracking solutions are not a panacea for policing sex offenders. The device beams a signal into space. Go inside the mind of an infamous sex offender. Parole officers had no way to see every move of convicted criminals. Instead, they say tracking the location of offenders via satellite signals is a valuable tool to help parole officers keep tabs on high-risk offenders. Some say the entire process — the arrest, the treatment and the accountability forced by the GPS device — actually has saved their lives. Equipment-wise, BI offers a mix of telephone and cellular-based GPS tracking products with ankle bracelets. In February, a year-old girl was killed in a field near Vancouver, Wash. So how precisely does this technology work? Many offenders who wear the devices say that, once they get used to wearing the anklets, they welcome them. In the past, the system was based on blind trust. A level 3 sex offender — a designation for those considered most likely to reoffend — who was wearing a GPS bracelet has been charged in her slaying. At Behavioral Interventions www. In May, an 11Alive News investigation revealed that hundreds of sex offenders were living within a thousand feet of child day care centers placing them in violation of a new state law. The PTU then communicates this tracking information to a monitoring center through a land line or cell network. The man was arrested in Texas.

Gps tracking of sex offenders

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  1. In an effort to better police sex offenders, parole officers are now using satellite technology to watch offenders at home or where ever they go. A federal grant is currently paying part of the cost.

  2. Critics point to the Vancouver slaying, saying GPS monitoring does not alert corrections officers when an offender commits a violent act, but merely indicates their location. Even when not watched in real time, the GPS ankle bracelet transmits signals when an offender ventures into a place he or she is supposed to avoid, such as schools or parks where children congregate.

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