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69 Foreplay Ideas to Make Your Own Sex Games

Introducing sex games to wife

Does she seem interested in talking with you about your day and hers? Why do I want to be locked in? When Not to Pursue it Further: Look into this and see if this applies to your wife. Telling her that wearing a chastity device will make you attentive to her needs or make you a better husband is very unlikely to be accepted by your wife as a convincing argument. Unfortunately, that does not work, and both parties end up suffering. Is she submissively agreeing to your domineering need for submissiveness? Are my fantasies realistic? Perhaps after you've introduced the subject and received a cold response you should both agree to a cooling off period, of say a month or 2, during which time neither of you mention chastity.

Introducing sex games to wife

These children, when they become adults, maintain the belief that there is something inherently wrong with sex. Ultimately, it may be that your wife is not invested in this marriage and is not willing to do her part to maintain a healthy relationship. She may begin to wonder why you want her to change, and to question whether you love her as she is? She refuses to talk to me about it or give me any reasons. One of the very common symptoms of depression or other forms of mental health issues is loss of libido, or a lack of sex drive. Is she on any medications? If this is the case, then you need to find out, and you need to decide on your own whether or not you are willing to live with a spouse that is not interested in having a healthy relationship with you. In order to keep their children in line, they make all kinds of other negative associations with sex. How is her mood? Talk to your wife and let her know that your marriage is in trouble, and that you two need to start communicating. When I approach my wife in any way, she tells me to get away from her. How often does she confide in you or ask for your advice or opinion? If the thought of dominating you, or controlling your orgasms is totally alien to her, if it is against all her own natural feelings and instincts, then you will have to accept that. Ideally, you and your wife are both invested in this marriage and will want to work it out. Many substances kill the sex drive if used excessively. She may start to question your whole relationship. Chastity can bring something new and very exciting to your sexual repertoire which can extend into every day situations other than just the bedroom. Sex is a basic, natural instinct. Knowing Yourself Before you can expect your wife or girlfriend to understand your chastity fetish, desires and fantasies you should first think about yourself and define your own understanding of your needs. She also needs to have sufficient time to do her own research about chastity, perhaps by visiting web sites, joining discussion groups such as those hosted by Yahoo! Receiving guidance and constructive criticism from her about how you perform your daily tasks would help you to become MORE attentive to her needs and desires. Attending better to her needs around the house and in the bedroom would make your own life MORE fulfilling. Will this design appeal to my wife. After the cooling off period has passed carefully raise the subject again, and listen to your wife's feelings, allow her time to talk and don't interrupt. If male chastity is still something she dislikes you will have to accept that for the health of your relationship.

Introducing sex games to wife

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