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Machine plan sex

These dots correspond to where the mounting holes will be drilled into the chassis and where the heads of the mounting screws will rest. However, it turned out that the numbering was off on the 8-pin jack. Additionally, I designed this machine with the following goals: Back in Medieval times, crafts men and women worked cooperatively, rather than competitively. After that, you need to plot out the holes determining the stroke length. You just don't want the holes in a straight line All in all, I figure the budget breaks down like this: Because the connectors used in this build have male pins in the panel mount jacks, two of the pins in the 8-pin jack run v whenever the unit is plugged in. This will ensure that your holes are in the correct location.

Machine plan sex

If you are an experienced fabricator, many of these may be pretty obvious, but if you are a novice like me, they may save you from some stress. This is a pain to do, but it is neceessary in order to remove the chassis cover. So, Pin 1 of the plug connected with Pin 7 of the jack, Pin 2 of the plug connected with Pin 1 of the jack, and so on. You can use a french curve to get the right design, or even the outline of a 5-gallon bucket will work. From a design standpoint, you want to plot these holes on some kind of smooth arc. When tapping a hole into steel, I have found it helpful to do three things: Also, make sure that the surface that was in contact with the circuit board when you marked the dots is now facing up. If the vibrator is not plugged into the jack, these v pins will be exposed and may pose a shock hazard. So, keep the vibrator plugged in whenever the machine is plugged into power. Notice that that I have added a chassis ground. After that, you need to plot out the holes determining the stroke length. The height of the drill mount is determined by the dimensions of your flywheel: If you look on the inside of the chassis while you loosen the clamp screw you will notice a small metal arm attached to the threads that is pinching the voltage regulator to the side of the chassis. To make this piece, you simple start with a center-point. The system is properly grounded. I hope that you also share what you create so that we may all learn. Pin 1 on the plug is supposed to contact Pin 1 on the jack, Pin 2 should connect with Pin 2, etc. When I say that, the machine has to be portable with both adjustable speed and adjustable stroke. This meant that everyone shared any new discovery or technique they had developed so that everyone could benefit. So far, the machine-building community seems to have some of that spirit, which is why I spent some time to put this document together. The Linear Guides The linear guides were designed to work much like linear bearings but have the advantage of being more cost-effective. Prior to this, I broke a lot of them. It ins't pretty, but it is rock solid. There are also two pairs of wires that are attached to the AC power block: After a careful investigation, I discovered that the Chinese have a creative method for numbering the pins on the 8-pin aviation connector. Here is what I came up with Tips from the Trenches Tips from the Trenches Here are a few things that I learned during this build that may help you with your build.

Machine plan sex

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  1. This resulted in electricity flowing incorrectly through the system and the vibrator blew up as a result.

  2. Plus, Matt has a full machine shop and can custom make any type of shaft or adapter that you need. Notice that that I have added a chassis ground.

  3. Not only that, but it looks lot nicer without the labels. The vibrator used for this build requires v AC power, so this has to be run from the motor control unit, through the wiring and connectors, to reach the vibrator.

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