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CNN identifies the Secret Service agent at the center of a sex scandal.

Secret home scandal sex

If they are not, the agents could have broken a US law which makes it illegal for an American to have illicit sexual contact with anyone under that age in a foreign country. All the employees are accused of bringing prostitutes to Cartagena's Hotel El Caribe ahead of last week's visit by Obama, who was there to attend the Pan-American summit. House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Ten military personnel are also being investigated for their possible participation. They were all part of the "jump team" that flies in on military transport planes with the presidential limousine and other vehicles to be used in the president's motorcade, Townsend said. They asked Sullivan to provide details of any disciplinary action against US Secret Service agents overseas since and to ascertain whether the women involved were over 18 years of age. Another employee resigned, the agency said.

Secret home scandal sex

The departure of the three agents came amid a growing clamor for heads to roll in the Secret Service following the alleged incident, which overshadowed Obama's important visit to Colombia for the Summit of the Americas. They asked Sullivan to provide details of any disciplinary action against US Secret Service agents overseas since and to ascertain whether the women involved were over 18 years of age. The image of the US Secret Service, known for sharp suited agents with sunglasses and earpieces ready to take a bullet for the President, is being dragged through the mud in the scandal. The year-old woman, who was not identified, said the early morning row led to the matter being taken up by hotel and police in Colombia. Some of the agents and military personnel maintain they didn't know the women were prostitutes, the official said. Congress wants answers about sex scandal Darrell Issa, R-California, said he has a high level of confidence in Sullivan. Another employee resigned, the agency said. The House Oversight Committee's leaders sent a letter to the Secret Service requesting specifics about what happened before, during and after the incident. Meanwhile, two leading congressmen have revealed, in a letter to Secret Service Chief Mark Sullivan obtained by ABC News, that agents accused of consorting with prostitutes may have been careless with "sensitive security information. Stokes supervised the canine training unit at the Secret Service's James J. Ten military personnel are also being investigated for their possible participation. The US Secret Service said on Wednesday that three of its employees will leave their jobs over the sex scandal in a hotel in Colombia which tarnished the elite presidential protection agency's image. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont, said he believes the agency's director is taking "serious action," noting polygraph tests have been administered. The other eight members allegedly involved in the scandal are on administrative leave and have had their security clearances suspended, according to the Secret Service. Each agent was offered an opportunity to take a polygraph test, according to a U. However, King and others came to the defense of Sullivan, who has directed the Secret Service since May and been with the agency since The agents had also opened themselves to the threat of blackmail and other forms of potential compromise, the lawmakers wrote. Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who is a Secret Service protectee, said on Wednesday that he would "clean house" at the agency. Paul Morrissey, of the service's Office of Government and Public Affairs said a probe into the alleged scandal was still at an early stage, and that eight other agents remained under investigation, in a process which included the use of polygraph lie detector technology. House Homeland Security Chairman Rep. She said her group of women had approached by the agents in a disco the night before. According to sources, the alleged prostitutes -- the youngest of whom were in their early 20s -- had all signed in at the hotel, where the Secret Service members apparently stayed, flashing their local ID cards. Even so, King said, "It was totally wrong to take a foreign national back to a hotel when the president is about to arrive. And after saying he wanted a "minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour account of what happened," King said four investigators from his homeland security panel are looking into the matter and may go to Colombia. Advertisement The accused agents made "a range of bad decisions, from drinking too much, to engaging with prostitutes, to bringing foreign nationals into contact with sensitive security information," the letter said.

Secret home scandal sex

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