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Sex in dorm rooms

Unless your roommate is a borderline narcoleptic like mine, they are awake. Rather, be thankful for the time that your roommate is out of the room or specifically gives you time alone in the room. Shower Schedule More likely than not, you have an understanding of the shower schedule in your dorm. It is important to realize that you both share that tiny little room and have equal access to it at all times. Experiment with your partner on what works best.

Sex in dorm rooms

She's from Hershey, PA. In such a small space, I recommend classic missionary, a smaller version of the downward dog, spoon sex or, my personal favorite, the prone bone. Consent is not something to be played with. Lock the door to avoid those awkward moments. If your roommate is home for the night, be respectful. Don't try to hide your sex life. So do as I say and not as I do and keep the noise down. Bedtime Story All done? There have been times where I have offered for them to stay in my dorm for the night. If your roommate simply will not leave your room, go find a makeshift place to have sex if you and your partner want to so badly. Chairs are wonderful things to utilize. Clean up after yourself. Strategically plan out when you are going to ask your roommate for the room to yourself. Some of the best sex of your life will happen off the bed. If you have your door locked, that is a good indicator as to if your roommate unexpectedly shows up. Get on the same page with overnight guest rules. Good luck with your sexual encounters throughout freshman year, if you have any, and remember to use protection. How are you getting home? When people have been dating for a while or even if it is just a hookup, they may take advantage of certain things, such as taking a super long shower in the morning, leaving their toothbrush in the shower or even eating your food. Throw a roommate in the mix, and you have a potential disaster. You may be a little confused as to what I am trying to say here. Are you spending the night? Save Dorm rooms can be great for socializing, sleeping and maybe studying, but when it comes to having sex, it can get a little tricky. Nothing is worse than coming back to a dirty room. Rather, be thankful for the time that your roommate is out of the room or specifically gives you time alone in the room.

Sex in dorm rooms

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