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Tout sur le sex

It imparts what science has to say on the topic, conveys a positive image of sexuality and, ultimately, helps young people hone their judgment skills so they can make enlightened decisions. One breast may develop before the other; this is completely normal. Am I comfortable with who I am? The concepts related to sexuality dealt with in the exhibition can be covered in several courses: These kinds of mood swings are normal during adolescence.

Tout sur le sex

This usually happens in the beginning of puberty. In addition, because the exhibition presents sexuality in a very accessible manner, it may even answer questions they themselves have. Depending on the size of your breasts, you may feel the need to wear a bra to support them, especially when you exercise. Who am I really attracted to? Why does a caress make me shiver? Body hair Pubic hair usually appears on the genitals after the growth of the penis and testicles. Me Sexuality is part of me from the moment I am born. Call If you are wondering about contraception and sexually transmitted infections. A Tell-all Exhibition encourage young people to have sex? You will also notice other changes to your body shape, such as more muscle development and larger shoulders. When you think about it Why a condom? Through sexuality, I learn to form bonds and to love, I build my identity, and my body changes. After that, underarm hair begins to grow, and later on, hair might start to grow on the face and chest as well. Sex Without the Guess Take control of your health. How is the scientific content of Sex: Children younger than 12 may visit the exhibition as long as they are accompanied by an adult. It is normal and it helps to clean and moisten your vagina. Most of the growth spurt happens towards the end of puberty. Many of these changes are caused by hormones, special signalling chemicals that are produced by glands in our bodies and that give directions to our cells to do particular things. For me, sexuality is… Answer this question in your own words. A focus group of young people also took part in the development, commenting on different versions of the exhibition content. A guide to helping you make decisions about contraception. How does my body react during sex? This usually marks the beginning of puberty. You will also notice other changes to your body shape, such as more curves or wider hips. When the larynx grows, it will cause a deepening of the voice. In this photo mosaic, you will discover that sexuality is part of every living thing, from bacteria to bonobos, a species of great ape whose sexual behaviour is surprisingly similar to our own.

Tout sur le sex

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  1. If your feelings are overwhelming you, it can help to talk about it with someone you trust.

  2. If your feelings are overwhelming you, it can help to talk about it with someone you trust. Take part in a funny but accurate presentation on how to use a condom, based on a real instruction manual.

  3. You might feel happy one moment and completely sad or angry the next. Changes to the Male Body Growth and shape Your body is growing and sometimes it might grow quickly in a short time.

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